포항공과대학교 교육혁신센터

Educational mentoring

  • POSTECH educational mentoring activity is an activity of educational contribution to elementary, middle, high-school students as part of the volunteering activity for enhancement of POSTECH students’ social responsibility competency


  • Aims to foster talented students who are considerate of others and dedicate to the community following the university’s founding philosophy of “Contribute to the advancement of the country and the human society by nurturing creative talents”
  • By a college student taking the role of a ‘mentor’, prepare a venue of whole-person education with expertise and volunteer spirit by returning the talents of major, personality, creativity, interpersonal relations, etc. earned through higher education curriculum
  • Activate the activity of educational contribution for those who are left out due to the lack of educational support opportunities
  • Provoke the mentees’ academic curiosity and motive by creating an emotional bond with them through POSTECH students’ mentoring

POSTECH Student Volunteering Recognition