포항공과대학교 교육혁신센터

Teaching support

Teaching Strengthening Program

교수지원 개관
Program Contents
Class Model Development Spread the development of EduTech-based teaching-learning model and outstanding cases, such as Flipped Learning, Blended Learning, Virtual Learning, and Hybrid Learning
Education Consulting Self-directed activities of self-diagnosing technical, behavioral style during class and activities that support professional development of class
Teaching Workshop Introduce various teaching-learning topics and student guidance methods that can heighten the supremacy of POSTECH education
Course Self-Assessment The professor receives feedback from students through customized online survey system at a desired point of time during the semester, and diagnoses and improves class
Educational Activity Performance Management When registering faculty performance evaluation at the beginning of every year, collectively reflect the efforts to improve education and the record of participation in educational activity programs

PLMS(POSTECHIAN Learning Management System)

POSTECHIAN Learning Management System. Cloud-based system that supports teaching and learning of regular/irregular lectures